What is blurbIQ?

blurb /blərb/
noun: A brief advertisement or announcement.

IQ /ˌaɪ ˈkjuː/
noun: Abbreviation for Intelligence Quotient.

Problem: Publishers need the best interactive video technology to offer advertisers.

Solution: blurbIQ Interactive Video Advertising Platform

blurbIQ makes video campaigns interactive so brands can tell their story. By interacting with video messaging, consumers retain brand messaging and buy product. blurbIQ represents the best possible interaction rate, video completion rate, ad retention and brand awareness in the market today. By adopting the blurbIQ technology publishers can offer their advertisers a true interactive video experience with unparalleled results. Publishers provide the reach we provide the creative and interactive technology.

How We Do It

blurbIQ is the gamification of video. From pre-roll, to in banner, mobile, tablets, and social media live and pre-recorded sporting events and sitcoms Utilizing game mechanics, we turn commercials from passive to active engagements by overlaying brand and trivia questions on the video. Consumers are challenged to interact with the video messaging and are ranked by how well they watch the video. Consumer interaction and understanding of the video message is measured like never before.

The Results

Performance Metrics for Online Video Preroll vs. blurbIQ Preroll Ad

Metrics Served* to a US-Based Audience, Q1 2010 - Q1 2011

Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 Q1 2011 blurbIQ
View-through rate (25%) 58% 58% 56% 60% 66% 91%
View-through rate (100%) 41% 43% 40% 46% 51% 80%
Ad retention rate 72% 73% 71% 77% 77% 95%
Clickthrough rate 2.8% 2.9% 2.7% 2.2% 2.3% > 3%
Note: *non-blurbIQ comparison data served over the AdoTube network
Source of non-blurbIQ data: AdoTube, Q1 2011 In-Stream Ad Format Index, June 29, 2011

Benchmark Data

300x250 User Initiated In-Banner Video

Metric Eyeblaster Doubleclick Pointroll Industry Average blurbIQ Results blurbIQ Advantage
Interaction Rate (IR) 4.65% 2.80% 5.00% 4.15% 37.97% LIFT +915%
Video Completion Rate 30.30% 52.40%1 48.00%2 43.56% 65.45% LIFT +50.25%
CTR 0.23% 0.12% 0.18% 0.18% 2.52% LIFT 14x
Question Answer Rate 0 0 0 0 3.39 3.39 questions
  1. Doubleclick Electronics data is included in Technology, which results in a higher %
  2. Pointroll data includes ALL vertical data
  • Metrics are representative of CPG and Electronics channels
  • Source Data: Eyeblaster Global Research Benchmark Insight Report May 2010, Doubleclick 2009 Year In Review Benchmarks, Pointroll Video Advertising Guide 2009
  • blurbIQ outperforms rich media and straight video in ALL metrics


More examples are available in the gallery.

Contact Us


Email: info@blurbiq.com

Phone: 1 (408) 691-4424