About blurbIQ


blurbIQ is the cross platform interactive media advertising technology solution. Our technology and media network allows agencies, brands, and ad networks the ability to create and measure robust interactive images and interactive video campaigns cross platform via our drag and drop tools and analytical dashboards. We seamlessly produce in banner, pre-roll, social media Facebook embed, mobile, and tablet interactive video and digital campaigns. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Qantas Airlines, Rosetta Stone, Universal Pictures, E*TRADE, GM, Campbell's Soup, Jamba Juice, AT&T, and more.


Some of our interactive media units include but are not limited to:


- Interactive Images
- Interactive Video
- Choose Your Own Adventure
- Research and in stream Polls
- Build Your Own Product
- Type In Skip Ad Message Guarantee
- In Ad Unit Search Engine
- eCommerce/Payment Processing In Unit
- Fully Customized Units


Contact Us


Email: info@blurbiq.com

Phone: 1 (408) 691-4424


Media Inquiries:

George H. Simpson

Email: george@georgesimpson.com

Phone: 1 (203) 521-0352